The Contest

This contest runs until Donald Trump leaves office, and is open to anyone at least 18 years of age or older.  Void where prohibited by law.  Not valid for entry by anyone residing in a state, locality, municipality, or other location where entering is illegal or prohibited by law.

One free entry per user.  To enter, just supply a valid email address.  We will then email you a unique link to fill out your ticket.  All you have to do is choose a date that you think Donald Trump will leave the office of President of the United States, and a categorical reason for his doing so (1: single term president, 2: leaves mid-term, 3: dies in office, or 4: two-term president). You then enter your own description of the circumstances of his departure, based on the categorical reason you selected.  If you select the category of two-term president, then the descriptive text that you enter is your prediction of his first tweet once he is out of office.  All user-entered content is moderated and will be reviewed for appropriate subject matter.  We reserve the right to remove or not publish inappropriate, objectionable, racist, or obscene content, at our sole discretion.

You also choose a charity to play for from our list of charities. If your ticket wins any prize in this contest, the charity gets the money, not you (but you do get some mad bragging rights). You can split the tickets up any way you want among different charities, dates and/or reasons.  TO BE CLEAR, YOU CANNOT WIN MONEY IN THIS GAME.  IT’S FOR CHARITY.

The winning date is the day Donald J. Trump actually leaves office, NOT the date that he announces he is leaving. Some reasons for leaving office are associated with only a single date (e.g., if he serves two full terms, then he will leave office on January 20, 2025). Other reasons require the ticket holder to choose a date (e.g., he leaves office by resignation on [pick date]). Choose wisely, as this will directly affect your chances of winning.  If there are any discrepancies about what day an event happened on (e.g., 1 am in Washington, DC, is 10 pm the previous day in California), then US Eastern Time will be the deciding time zone (after all, that is the location of the White House and the oval office).

When Trump actually leaves office, the winning ticket will be selected from all tickets held for the actual reason he left office on the actual day he left office, with ties being broken based on the descriptive text entered with each ticket.  If there is still a tie, then the Jackpot will be split pro rata among the winning charities. See Payouts section for full details.

Remember, not all dates and not all reasons have the same chance of winning. Use your intuition and insight to figure out how Donald Trump will depart the White House, and your charity can win the Jackpot.

We do not advocate or endorse any form of departure from the White House other than by Mr. Trump’s own free will, or the will of the people (i.e., Congress, vote, etc.). The choices presented herein are based on actual historic events and on possibilities raised in the United States Constitution.

The Winner

The winning ticket is chosen based on the correctness of the information provided when submitting the ticket.  While we are infinitely hopeful that the Don’s reason for leaving office will be immediately apparent and without debate, he doesn’t make anything easy. In case of any ties, discrepancy or ambiguity, the winning charity or charities will be determined by the Sponsor and Pixabits LLC at their sole discretion based on the following and in the following order:

  1. Correct Reason and Circumstances and Date.  If any one or more tickets pick the correct date, categorical reason, and circumstances, then the Jackpot will be split pro rata among all charities associated with those tickets.
  2. Correct Reason and Circumstances.  If there is no outright winner based on reason/circumstances/date, then if any tickets chose the correct categorical reason AND also describe the correct circumstances that precipitated it, then the one that chose the date closest to the correct date is the winner.  In case of ties (e.g., multiple tickets are all 1 day away from the correct date) the Jackpot will be split pro rata among all charities associated with those tickets.
  3. Correct Reason and Date.  If there is still no winning ticket, then the Jackpot will be split pro rata among all charities associated with tickets that chose the correct reason and date.
  4. Correct Reason. If there is still no winning ticket, the pittance of a Jackpot will be split pro rata among all charities associated with tickets that chose the correct reason.

The decision of the Sponsor and Pixabits LLC is final.  The Sponsor and Pixabits LLC agree to consult with any nationally known and recognizable politically adept television personality to select the winner in case of a tie, if such a television personality is willing to help out.


Winner(s): $5,000, awarded to the charity or charities selected by the winning ticket(s).  The prize is distributed pro rata in the event of multiple winning tickets.

Quarterly Prizes: We’re looking for sponsors.  Interested?  Let us know!

Contingency Plans

In case of any unforeseen circumstances that we have not considered or contemplated in this Contest, Pixabits will release the Jackpot and Quarterly Fund to one or more involved charities at its sole discretion.  Pixabits reserves the right to stop selling tickets for any reason.  Pixabits reserves the right to void any tickets purchased based on insider information, or purchased after a public announcement regarding Donald J. Trump’s departure from office.  All decisions of Pixabits LLC are final, and will be made in the spirit of this Contest.